10 Kitchen Plants to Clean the Air and Promote Productivity

Bring the glorious outdoors in!

We are all looking for ways to make our home environment a happier and healthier place to be. Having plants in the home has proven to boost mood, increase creativity and reduce stress. 

So why not refresh your kitchen by filling it with pops of vibrant, lush greenery? Available in a variety of heights, leaf shapes and pot styles, plants are the perfect style addition to your kitchen. Spice up your shelves with trailing vine plants or brighten up the windowsill with tasty home-grown herbs!

Kitchen plants even help to purify the air, leading to improved energy and mental focus – and who couldn’t do with a bit of that? 

Convinced yet? Let’s take a look at 10 enticing kitchen plants even the newest of plant parents can look after:

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ZZ plant 

It’s all in the name of the easy-breezy ZZ plant, they are extremely low maintenance and can tolerate some neglect – not that we recommend it of course! Their smooth, waxy leaves brighten the room and are even thought to bring good fortune. These kitchen plants prefer natural, bright light and only need watering when the top few inches of soil are dry.

To ensure you and your kitchen get as much luck as possible, wipe their leaves free of dust to keep them looking fresh and fabulous.

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Spider Plant 

Don’t let the name of the Spider plant put you off! Spider plants radiate energy, promote positivity and are even safe for pets. Undemanding and easy to grow, they flourish in any environment and purify the air by removing pollutants and odour – great for your kitchen! They even produce little ‘babies’ that you can re-pot if you’re looking to extend the family.

Water your Spider plant once a week to keep it hydrated and prune every few months to encourage growth.

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White Jasmine

Feeling romantic? Representing purity and love, White Jasmine is famous for its delicate beauty and enchanting fragrance. This sweetly scented plant helps to eliminate stress and purify the air by neutralising odours. Its pretty white blossoms fill your kitchen with a soothing scent, keeping you feeling summery and the air smelling fresh and clean. White Jasmine sets the idyllic scene for evening dinner dates in the kitchen.

White Jasmine likes to be kept hydrated, so water it weekly. In the winter, keep it in a sunny window and during summer, move it to an area of indirect light.

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English Ivy 

If you live in England, chances are you’ve seen English Ivy almost anywhere. This familiar friend helps to reduce indoor air pollutants by absorbing formaldehyde, benzene, mould spores and bacteria – wonderful for the kitchen!

With trailing leaves, English Ivy looks beautifully dramatic up high when spilling over the edge of a shelf – leaving you with clutter-free countertops.

English Ivy can adapt to different levels of light, so no need to worry if your natural light is limited. Check when the soil is dry and give a top-up of water to keep it healthy and hydrated.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a brilliant kitchen companion! This spikey little fella is ideal for the clumsy cook forever covered in cuts and burns. The gel inside the leaves is full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the skin after a burn. What a lifesaver! If that isn’t enough, he also keeps you healthy by purifying the air and eliminating toxins.

These kitchen plants loves bright light so is best suited for the windowsill and requires watering every two weeks or so – ideal for first-time plant parents.

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If you’re a keen chef and like the idea of having fresh, tasty ingredients within reach, then growing herbs in your kitchen is the way to go!

Bring out your inner Gordan Ramsey by adding a sprinkle of Basil and Oregano to tasty Italian dishes. Looking for further ways to impress? Treat your guests to a fresh, fruity tea using home-grown Peppermint and Lemongrass.

Herbs in the kitchen not only bring out the passionate cook in you but also provide a sweet aroma to keep the kitchen smelling lovely.

Herbs enjoy plenty of sunshine and need watering at least once a week – worth it for all that extra flavour at your fingertips.

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Peace Lilies 

Looking to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen?

Peace Lilies are a tropical species with impressive green, glossy leaves and elegant white flowers. Just looking at them makes us feel sophisticated!

They may give the appearance of being high maintenance, but they are easy-going and great at telling you what they need. If their leaves droop – top-up their water, if their flowers start to yellow – take them out of the sun for a while. Peace Lilies increase humidity levels and help to remove mould spores and harmful chemicals from the air, making your kitchen naturally fresher.

Peace Lilies can tolerate low light but to encourage flowering keep them in indirect sunlight. Give their soil a check once a week to see if they need watering.

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Air plants 

These trendy little guys are quirky plants that don’t make a lot of demands! Growing without soil, they need minimal care, just a dose of bright light. The perfect choice for newbie plant parents. If you’ve got a flair for decorative design, present your Air plant in a terrarium with delicate twinkling lights to add extra pizazz to your kitchen. 

Give them a mist or a rinse once a week to keep them feeling funky.

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Another great choice for those who prefer to keep their kitchen countertops clutter-free. Pothos is a vining plant with shiny, green heart-shaped leaves. Full of personality, fast-growing and forever changing, it will never lose your interest! It looks superb trailing over shelves and also helps purify the air of common toxins.

Pothos can withstand just about any light condition and only needs watering once a week.

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Chinese Evergreen 

Lack a green thumb? Chinese Evergreen is superb for beginners and known for being virtually indestructible. Its charming, long leaves with a silvery tinge emit plenty of oxygen, helping to boost productivity and well-being. Don’t blame us if your new radiance gets you singing your heart out whilst cooking up a storm! 

Although versatile, it prefers damp soil and low lighting.

With so much choice there is something for everyone, even those who don’t have time for upkeep. Refresh your kitchen with botanicals and add some natural beauty to your décor. Having plant companions means cleaner, fresher air and a dose of improved productivity. It’s a no brainer!

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